What This is All About Really

You’d never guess it from the first dozen or so entries I’ve made since Uptime got started in January of 2014.

My first interest, in these posts, is the nature of human religion.  Especially the religion that has been my practice since childhood, the Christianity of my forebears.

Since my earliest years, given both the reflective gifts to consider the issue, and the spiritual strength to pursue that consideration, I’ve found no reason to either surrender it, abandon it, or abjure it.

I have followed for many years the comment threads that attach themselves to public discourse on religion and anti-religion.  The orientation, generally, of my posts to this blog will be not self-consciously intellectual or academic.  They will be couched in the most colloquial idioms that can express my thoughts clearly.

Since my own position is emphatically supportive of human religious practices in general, I suppose a few remarks are in order about the range of religious practices, convictions, and beliefs currently active in my native land, the United States of America — and about the range of arguments that are commonly advanced against those practices, convictions, and beliefs.

I will be offering those remarks piecemeal over the next several weeks of postings to Uptime.


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