True Speech and Politics and Bernie Sanders

The principle of True Names, and of True Speech, which I picked up years ago from Ursula Le Guin’s Wizard of Earthsea stories, is alive and working in our culture, among the entire population.  In public discourse, our fellow humans are hungry for true speech: for straight talk, expressing articulate sentiments and clear judgments about the public interest.

No one seeking the presidency today is capable of this except two people: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  And the difference between those two is terrifying to contemplate.

Sanders addresses our common interests; Trump expresses only common passions — those of his followers.

None of the other candidates, Republican or Democratic, is capable of even this much.   Endless comment-threads these days exhibit the realms of readers’ frustration with political language that is impenetrably shielded in double-speak, that cannot be decoded into any concrete or even intelligible commitments regarding either our interests or our passions.

We need to address each other in True Speech.

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